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Duralong Manufacturers Limited is a Company in Kenya offering a wide range of roofing solutions designed to provide durable and weather resistant products. Our products include; 1. Mabati roofing Sheets - Available in Matte & Glossy Textures with different colors and profiles. i) Duralong Tile ii) Box profile iii) Durahome/Corrugated iv) Duralong Roman tile 2. Roofing Accessories i) Ridges, ii)Roll tops, iii) Valleys, iv) Roofing Screws, v) Nails and washers 3. Custom Solutions - We provide custom solutions for specific roof requirements including Custom Size, Profile and Color


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Our vision is to be the cornerstone of transformation for households and institutions offering a wide range of high quality, durable and visually appealing roofing products. We aim to be the preferred supplier of choice trusted for delivery quality products and exceptional value to customers, employees and stakeholders. Through our commitment to inclusivity, adaptability and social responsibility, we seek to be integral part of every home and institutions journey towards creating enduring, inspiring environments that enrich lives and communities


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We are dedicated to delivering innovative, customizable products and exceptional service that cater to the unique requirements of our diverse customer base. By prioritizing sustainability, reliability, and customer satisfaction.


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    Quality roofing for every Structure.

    Quality roofing should be durable, able to withstand severe winds, resist UV rays and Fire, and prevent leaks and pooling by diverting water away from the home.

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